My Half & Full Marathon Training Plan for 2013


Last week I put my training plan for my Half-Marathon in June (Seattle Rock-n-Roll), and my first full Marathon in October (Chicago).

Training plans are a hard thing. Everything on the web is OK, but it’s not for you, or for me. I’ve paid for a few training plans but they were useless. They don’t take into account my lifestyle, my vacations, my races in between, and it’s pretty hard to adjust if you fall of the plan.

So I spent a few hours analyzing my previous two years of data, mostly from RunKeeper, and looking at some plans to improve speed at Half-Marathon and this book about running your first Marathon. I combined them, added a little bit of push (i.e., made it slightly harder by adding anywhere from 0.5 to 2 miles to each run), and came up with this.

Just to be clear, my goals are to finish a half-marathon under 2h (if I could do it under 1:52 it would be awesome) and to finish a Marathon alive (if I could do it under 5h it would be awesome).

If you scroll to the right you’ll see where I am right now and this spreadsheet will actually update with my data (yes, I know the irony of working at a company that track your physical activity and have to create this “low-tech” solution).

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